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  1. It’s been over six years since we last visited Kendricks for dinner and it’s still as good now as it was then. If you are in Dartmouth we highly recommend it.

  2. Just for Moira Scott as I know you were disappointed there was no picture yesterday 😁

  3. Just had a wonderful breakfast, highly recommend if you are in Totnes 😁

  4. Our little holiday has started a bit on the wet side!

  5. For those interested in photography please check out this great photographer I came across. His name is Sean Tucker and he gives great advice and takes wonderful pictures....

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_43mQmHwHPTBBqImFrWU3Q

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seantuck/?hl=en

  6. A lovely day out in sunny Bath.

  7. Curry night!

  8. So it turns out that I am needle phobic!! 😬💉

  9. What a great rece and a fantastic finish. What a awesome drive from Max Verstapen to take the win. Should he have receieved a panalty? probably if they were going by the letter of the law and based on past penalties but I am so glad they didn't. Let's hope the British GP is as good.
  10. It’s a bit hot out on our decking today!! 🥵

  11. This weekend is the Austrian GP, Redbull Racings home race. With the improvements we have seen over the season they are getting closer and closer to the front. The Honda engine is slowly improving and they are ahead of Renault at the moment and creeping up on Ferrari and Mercedes. The Race After last week’s race in France I am hoping for a little more action at this weekend’s race. The hope is that Redbull can challenge Ferrari and maybe even cause a little trouble for Mercedes who are showing signs of slowing development progress. Redbull Racings Chances Against Ferrari I would like to think that Max could challenge for a podium position however the Mercedes still have the edge in terms of overall package.
  12. Daniel Ricciardo has been given two time penalties for illegal overtakes in the final laps of the French GP. What do you think, were the Stewards correct?
  13. How do you watch Formula 1, Sky, Channel 4 or Youtube highlights etc? I have Sky Q so try to watch as many as I can live in Ultra HD however I am wondering lately if its worth the cost.
  14. What did everyone think? Did you find the race boring? There wasn't much overtaking and it was a bit of a prosetion but I still enjoyed watching it.
  15. Windows updates, ssooo boring!!

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